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I’ve been following the Kardashian Klan since the days Kim was still following Paris Hilton around on their staged Paparazzi rendezvous. All these years later, it is impressive to know that the Klan still commands influence in the world of Pop Culture, from TV shows, endorsements, fashion & beauty lines and magazine covers. The family has done an impeccable job in establishing an empire, under the leadership of matriarch, Kris Jenner. The Kardashian empire is however, not without holes (yes, I will admit this).

Kardashians Cosmo

At the height of their fame in 2012, the Kardashian sisters (Kourtney, Kim and Khloe) announced that they would be venturing into the world of beauty, with the release of their own beauty range. At the time, the K’s partnered with Boldface Cosmetics to license and distribute a range of cosmetics. Through the deal, the Kardashians granted Boldface an exclusive 5-year license to use their names, images, trademarks and likeness to market the line, so long as all uses were approved by the sisters. Khroma-collection-660x400

“Makeup plays such a huge role in all of our lives, whether we’re on camera, at a shoot, glammed up or just keeping it natural day-to-day and it’s a dream come true to be able to create our own line of products to share with you guys,” Mrs West wrote on her blog following the launch of Khroma Beauty, a brand that was meant to resonate with multi-ethnic women of all ages who aspire to the Kardashian style of beauty.


However, the Khroma launch glory was short-lived following a cease-and-desist letter sent by Lee Tillett Inc  (owners of Kroma Makeup) to Boldface, accusing them of stepping on their toes with the Khroma name. Eventually, Khroma Beauty was forced to change their name and rebrand to Kardashian Beauty, which, in my opinion, is what the line should have been called to begin with. Since then, Boldface went belly up, which saw Haven Beauty step in 2 years later but it seems like the partnership with the Kardashian sisters had already gone downhill over said disagreements with Boldface.


Which brings us to today…While browsing my Instagram feed, I came across the Kardashian Beauty page, unveiling their new summer range. I was quite excited to see some new products from the brand. I was also surprised to not see any of the sisters promoting or marketing the products. It turns out, the Kardashians and Haven Beauty are still locked in a legal war and prompting Haven to forge ahead and launch their new range without the K’s. TMZ claims the sisters have rejected any involvement with the company and have vehemently distanced themselves from Kardashian Beauty.
Kardashian BeautyThis has left me asking a lot of questions around the deal my faves signed. Why has it been so difficult for them to negotiate their way out of this contract? Was signing an exclusive deal with such an unknown entity for such a lengthy period the right move? Fortunately, this is the Klan we’re talking about, so we have no reason to worry about their future in the world of beauty.

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