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I can’t believe it has been three years since this historic moment occurred. I remember the day vividly, almost as if it happened yesterday. A day that would pave the way for many global brands to entrust local stars with the task of leveraging their celebrity status, in the hopes of gaining market share. The day was June 13th, 2014, the day Bonang Matheba was revealed as a Revlon Ambassador, a first of its kind for the brand, outside of the US.

Bonang-Revlon-EventBonang’s time had indeed come, but it didn’t come over night. Leading up to this career-defining moment, Bonang had been well positioned in the entertainment industry for close to 7 years. Over the years, Bonang was committed to positioning herself as one of the best radio & tv presenters, the most stylish tv personality in SA and most definitely, one of the most influential media personalities the country has seen. When Revlon scoured Mzansi in search of their first Ambassador for South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, Bonang’s name reigned supreme (according to Revlon Communications Manager: Adele Du Plessis), because she was ready!


Not a stranger to celebrity endorsements, Revlon had collaborated with celebrities such as Hollywood lead actresses Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Emma Watson, before adding Bonang to their roster. Three years down the line, it seems like the relationship between Revlon and the SA Beauty was a match made in heaven.


Bonang has been deemed a brand magnet. Most importantly, she doesn’t just win at attracting brands, she makes sure they stick around, for years. In addition to her sustainable partnership with Revlon Cosmetics, Bonang also has a long standing partnership with retail giants Woolworths South Africa, responsible for the birth of her lingerie range, Distraction By Bonang, as well as a partnership with Ciroc SA, which is in its second year.


For the first last year, Bonang’s endorsements were under threat due to negative commentary on social media, following her unfolding relationship with Rapper AKA. Many speculated that her brand endorsements would be terminated, but instead, her brand partners chose to stand behind the TV star, further strengthening relations. This year, Revlon launched its first new campaign tagline in 10 years, “Love Is On”, supported by a social media campaign, inviting users to share images of love using #LoveIsOn. The latest TVC from the brand starring Queen B, takes viewers on Bonang’s love journey. This is probably my favourite campaign from this collaboration, I don’t know if it’s because we all know the loving space she is in currently, but the love permeates her entire being on the TVC. Whenever she says “I…truly believe there’s nothing greater than love…you gotta jump right in” I feel like dialling that guy. *sobs*


The last two years have showcased the strength that is Brand Bonang. I don’t think it’s because brands are blind to what’s going on, but I think they value being associated with Bonang and her power brand more than the noise. Bonang’s work ethic is undeniable, her resilience, her commitment to delivering excellent work, and her unquestionable professionalism are some of the qualities I would attribute to brands choosing her over and over again.


“Bonang exudes confidence, she is aware of herself, she is aware of her capabilities and most importantly, she is ready to become the woman of her dreams. With that self confidence, you will never be intimidated by dreaming a big dream for yourself. That confidence comes across when she walks into a room, when she takes a call on her popular MetroFM show,  when she’s interviewing a guest on Afternoon Express, on the cover of glossy magazines, and most certainly, in those Revlon ads”, I wrote on my Women’s Month Post. May we all draw from Bonang’s confidence as we endeavour to make our dreams a reality this Women’s Month. To Bonang and Revlon, I wish you many more years to come, filled with fragrance and make-up lines. #ChooseLove


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