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With the rise of influencer marketing and the upscale of influencer-owned brands globally, we have started to see the resurgence of it on a local landscape with the rise of indie beauty brands as well as influencer and celebrity consumer-opinion-driven product lines. 

lelive 7-Piece Set

South African actress, media personality, and Greenpeace Ocean Ambassador, Amanda du Pont has been the latest celebrity to branch out into the influencer-owned brands’ sphere, introducing her latest business venture to the market; lelive – a South African produced skincare range. Inspired by her unofficial Swati name, lelive meaning “of the nation or world” is a skincare range that has been formulated as the ideal best friend for your skin. The range has been formulated to be kind to not only your skin but also the environment as it uses ingredients that are 95% natural and up to 5% plant-identical. 

Image: Instagram

All the ingredients have been responsibly sourced with local ingredients and aluminum packaging selected as a nod to its recyclability. lelive is vegan, cruelty-free, sulphate free, paraben-free, dermatology tested, and reef safe. The brand ethos includes: 

  • Clean – with 95% of its ingredients being natural and rest being plant identical – so they’re as good for you as they are for the environment. 
  • Simple – lelive has taken the guesswork out of complicated routines and minimized the number of steps you need to achieve glowing skin. 
  • Effective – Their entire range has been built by a community of people so it’s guaranteed to target your biggest concerns. 
  • Affordable – Everyone has the right to great-looking skin, so they’ve worked hard to bring you the quality you deserve at prices you can afford. 

“In the development of this range, we worked hard to produce a product that is top-quality at an affordable price – because everyone deserves to have great skin. We are looking for a brand and product that was clean, simple and effective, whilst staying true to what makes Africa truly unique” – Amanda du-Pont, lelive CEO. 

Image: Instagram

This all sounds so amazing but also, something every skincare brand has ever told us before. The curious cat in me wanted to try the range out, mainly because I was captured by the simplicity of the packaging and how good it would look on my bathroom counter. I have to admit that I wasn’t completely convinced as skincare is one of the trickiest things to not only navigate but also to get right and one cannot just disturb their skincare routine by adding in new products just because they are engaged by the packaging. 

Image: lelive

So, I tried it and I am absolutely in love with the range. Amanda has managed to develop a range of products that are so easy to use, are not harsh on the skin at all, and provide you with results. My favorite thing about lelive is that they provide a skincare routine pack for each skin type which is a HUGE bonus for someone who isn’t too learned about skincare. This is something I used to struggle with a lot with my skin, which is oily and acne-prone. I used all the mattifying products under the sun which my skin hated and caused my skin to produce more sebum, which left me oilier and more frustrated.

lelive’s Latest Campaign Starring Content Creator @MasaDiamond

The simple guide on which products to use for your specific skin type within the range was a fantastic tool. It makes it easier to purchase the range as well as knowing how to use the products. The bonus to it all is that you can buy the products in one bundle package and they don’t have to be bought separately from the onset.  

lelive’s Daily Routine Guide

The full range consists of: 

  • Cleaner Colada: Coconut and pineapple African Oil Cleanser – this is one of my absolute favorite products in the range. It reminds me of the Clinique “Take the Day Off” cleansing balm which I could never afford. The Cleaner Colada is perfect for removing make-up or using it as part of double cleansing. 
  • Jelly Splash: Rooibos and Aloe Jelly Cleanser – this is one of the softest and most gentle cleansers I have ever used. It gives you the natural smell of rooibos which gives you a nostalgic vibe; it’s really a South African thing. 

The Cleaner Colada and the Jelly Splash cleansers make a great duo for double cleansing, especially when you wear makeup. Using both in tandem is effective against any dirt build-up. They leave my skin feeling much cleaner than any other products I’ve used before. 

  • All Glow’d Up: Vitamin C, Turmeric, and HA Brightening Serum – I was previously obsessed with the Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Moisture Booster serum but this serum has kicked that off my bathroom counter. 
  • SOS: Peach and Aloe AHA/BHA Exfoliator Serum – Using this as my nighttime serum, my skin feels supple and soft. It’s most definitely a product that has been beneficial to my overall skin experience with lelive.
  • Crème de la Cream: African Mahogany Everyday Moisturizer – A really good moisturizer that really just sinks into your skin as you apply it. It’s not lightweight but it isn’t heavy either. I have noticed that my skin doesn’t get any oilier during the day as it would with my previous moisturizer. 
  • All The Shade: Marula Tinted SPF 30 Moisturizer – This has to be my least favorite product in the range. It makes you grey upon application which is one thing I do not like when it comes to sunscreen. It also flakes if applied without applying Crème de la Cream first. 
  • The du-Pont: Shea Butter Lush Moisturizer – This is the one product I currently do not have from her range. I have to say, I have not always been the biggest fan of shea butter. 

The Cleaner Colada and the Jelly Splash cleansers by lelive

The one thing I wish Amanda had included in her skincare range is a toner. As someone with oily and acne-prone skin, I love a good toner to keep my skin hydrated. 

Overall and with just 7 products in the range, lelive has seen great appetite from consumers. In a tricky and sensitive market like skincare, lelive is quickly becoming a brand that has the potential to grow into one of the most sought-after skincare brands with products that work for every skin type while still looking good in your bathroom. After all, we love a good product that still serves us aesthetics. I look forward to seeing what Amanda du-Pont has in store for us with the continuous growth of lelive. 

Amanda fronts lelive’s Water Capsule campaign launching in November ’21

lelive is available for purchase at lelive, Takealot, Superbalist, and select Wellness Warehouse stores. 

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