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Hi, I’m Cwayita a trained bra and swimwear expert – professionally trained at Liza Clifford Professional Bra Studio. I know you had no idea that profession existed but now you know. Today I am here to tell you that there is an art to how your bra should fit. With my experience, it is important to share the components that should make going on that bra shopping trip less stressful and more fun.

Image: Woolworths

I strongly believe that making informed decisions is how joy is found – I hope these tips meet you at your bra-shopping frustration. The perfect fit is important to one’s overall wellness as it combats and prevents back pain while giving the illusion of a longer waistline which elevates one’s overall look. 

Bras come in all sorts of styles – meaning there is something for all of us:

  • Balconette
  • Strapless
  • Full Cup
  • T-Shirt Bra
  • Bralette
  • Padded / non-padded
  • Bandeau and many more

There are 255 bra sizes that exist in the world currently, this means you have a size you just have not been fitted correctly. And NO, a measurement is not a fitting. The purpose of a bra is to provide support for your breasts (Working garment). Small breasts, big breasts, medium-sized breasts need support at various stages of our lives as women. 

Image: Woolworths

1. Fit to the bigger breast

You know a bras cup size fits when it fits your bigger breast. You may have noticed that you or your bestie’s breasts are not the same sizes, don’t feel bad about this as it is normal. This applies to strapless bras as well. 

2. Straps two-finger measurement method

This is to prevent your straps from falling off and digging into your shoulder. The technique is done by sticking two fingers underneath your strap ensuring that they’re not squashed but sit comfortably on top of your shoulder – that is how you adjust the straps.

3. Scooping

This is the literal action of removing your breast tissue from under your armpit into the cup of the bra, this is the most crucial step. You must pull the underwire that goes underneath your armpit backward while using your other hand to pull your breast forward into the cup, if there is spillage that means the bra does not fit and you need a bigger cup.

4. Underwire

YoYour underwire should sit flat against your skin and should run along the under-boob AKA smile of your breast. If you lift your arms up and your bra lifts that bra is too big and not your correct size.

5. The Gore

This is the middle part between your breasts and its purpose is to separate the breasts.- this should not move AT ALL, this should sit flat right against your chest, even if you remove your straps the bra should still give you the necessary support your bust needs because the gore is sitting flat and separating the breasts accordingly. 

6. Clasps and Band

A new bra should be worn on the last clasp – as the bra gets older you should be able to move to the inner clasp to keep that snug fit. A new bra that fits on the most inward clasp is too big and will not give the best support for your breasts. The band of the bra should always be snug, it should not ride up your back, and should be aligned with the underwire of the bra.

7. Caring & Cleaning your bras for longevity

I know that handwashing may be a throwback for some but please believe me when I say you add more life to your bras when you do.

  • Use the sunlight green bar.
  • An old toothbrush to remove the dirt.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners as those soften the material making the garment stretchy and no longer supportive.
  • When drying them never do so in direct sunlight as this may make them stretch.
  • No washing machines or tumble dryers to avoid the wires popping out.
  • Try to wear your bra without twisting it around your waistline – clip it from the back.
  • Have at least three bras in rotation.
Image: Mr Price

I hope this was helpful, as your bra should be the last thing to cause a wardrobe malfunction.

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