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2023 is proving to be a year of a more minimalistic approach to beauty; less is more ladies and gentlemen. We are all in our clear skin, lip-gloss, sunscreen; statement scents, and more basic makeup era, which are trends I believe, will flow straight into the rest of the year. Here’s your ultimate GUIDE to expanding your follower list and knowledge of such beauty trends. Today we will shine the spotlight on 10 accounts, which have provided value in the beauty space making them strong contenders for growth and building their engaging online communities. 

1. Zesipho.M (Fragrance Queen)

Whether you’re heading out for dinner, traveling, or playing sports Zesipho has got the perfect fragrance suggestion for you. She is single-handedly guiding us to our next staple scent and ensuring we always take time to smell good. She is going to be a big story and that’s the benefit of staying in one’s lane, more than this. Love her attention to detail in her product reviews. 

Image: @zesipho.m

2. Goose_Katai (Make-up)

When it comes to soft, sophisticated, minimalistic glam you can look no further than this Botswana beauty. There is absolutely no way you will not love her process. It’s safe to say that we are al rooting for her online growth. There are no blurred lines with Goose, what you see is exactly what you get simplicity and sophistication. Aspiring creators can all learn a thing or two from the way she carries herself in the beauty space.

Image: goose_katai

3. Mantombi Makhubela (Skin Care)

Mantombi is ‘THEE woman in skincare’ right now, as she shares very useful advice. From her content you know what to expect, she is well-informed and forward-thinking when it comes to each content item she releases. She educates on valuable everyday skin care tips. If you want to know exactly what will hit skincare shelves starting next year follow her. A lady who shares her passion effortlessly, 2023 is definitely the year for her to shine. 

Image: @mantombimakhubela

4. Andile Hazel (Make-Up)

This was the year Andile’s following grew to a whopping 126k followers but we think she will continue on that streak. Her content is as original as what the new year will require from all creators. 2023 will expect more story telling and she is brilliant, so many necessary life skills are learnt with a touch of humor. Her story telling is definitely her secret weapon into the New Year. We love watching tutorials because lets be honest not all of us have the correct makeup technique but she makes is worthwhile. Predicting more viral content from this lovely lady. 

Image: handle_hazel

5. Zithobe Macheli (The Skin Girl)

She is an award-winning influencer, beauty writer, and editor; Zithobe is your go-to account to get that glossy skin we all wish for. If you seriously want to get rid of dullness do the right thing. I learned the importance of protecting and repairing the skin barrier to maintain healthy glowing skin from her content. Her teachings are very valuable. A complex topic such as skin care needs an individual that is able to break it down so anyone from anywhere can understand it. 

Image: @zithobemacheli

6. Zizi Moloko (Hair/Skin/Make-Up and Fragrance)

With 57k followers on the gram, Zizi is one to follow. Her community is very responsive toward her content. Her intention is seen through each and every content item she produces – it’s hard not to love her. Consistency is the name of her game. She is very skilled in her ability to balance her lifestyle and beauty content – she endorses beauty products that are part of her everyday life – there is absolutely no disconnect over there. 

Image: @zizi_moloko

7. Nuzhah Jacobs (Hair & Make-Up)

Nuzhah is refreshing and with a very colourful visual diary. Her content continues to be a pleasant visual experience. As you scroll Look out for this Cape Town-based stunner you won’t be disappointed. 

Image: nuzhahjacobs

8. Pheladi_RSA (Make-Up Artist)

She should be on your radar; she does make up reviews and tutorials. She goes by the line ‘make up is art, beauty is spirit’ and that speaks for itself. You land on her page for her beauty but you continue to scroll for her technique. 

Image: pheladi_rsa

9. Nonzy G (Skin, Hair & Make-Up)

Nonzy is a triple threat, She has put in the work and is super consistent. She has an organic and honest relationship with herself, which extends to her hair, skin, and makeup content. We are never calling cut on her and her beauty. Here content gives a very soft, slow, steady, and peaceful feel. She is very aligned with her brand picks.

Image: @nonzy_g

10. Lisa Nyamane

This Pretoria based creatively curates her beauty page by incorporating a very soft approach to make up looks, and skin care. The growth of her online presence is inevitable. Follow her you will love her.

Image: @lisanyamane

And that is all for now folks.

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